Rosemary Pattison, Author

Rosemary small flipped

Rosemary Pattison’s stories draw on her extensive experience as an educator to both children and adults over 30 years.

Her diverse background comprises pre-school, primary, secondary (maths and music) and TAFE. In her 19 years in the TAFE Sector her experience includes IT and business with much time spent working in industry. She currently works in learning and development and workplace English language and literacy (WELL).

Born in Melbourne, she would describe herself as having an awesome life, but like everyone, some experiences have contributed to her own little epiphanies. Rosemary’s approach to parenthood was to foster resilience and instill a social conscience in her two daughters by raising the questions to lead them to their own little epiphanies.

Jenny Wood, Illustrator

Visit Jenny’s website to find out more about her many skills!