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Looking after our planet – lesson plan

Hey teachers, here’s a great way to engage your students to care about our planet:


Focusing on the need to be continually looking after our planet and thinking about the future.

In our story, “George and the problem of food”  the friends worked for many long hours and for days and nights to fix the problem of food. It was such an effort that they decided to work on the problem of food more often.

Lesson plan

As a group, read George and the problem of food.

If you don’t have a vegetable garden for your class, it is a good idea to create one. Just creating a vegetable patch applies the learning. Your students will be able to plant vegetables and watch them grow. If you already have vegetables growing, then to apply the learning follow these steps:

  1. Do an audit of the vegetables growing
  2. What is currently growing in the patch?
  3. When will each of the different varieties be ready to eat?
  4. Create a class calendar and write in (or draw) the vegetables that will be ready to eat on each month
  5. Select a month when nothing will be ready to eat
  6. Select and plant a vegetable that will be ready to eat in that month

If a vegetable garden is not an option for you, then you could think of planting herbs in pots, or alfalfa sprouts!